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What not to write in Ads?

Only for Individual or Business Providers


When you are writting an Ad to an Opportunity, you should avoid the following:


The opportunity, should not include a political statement where the Seeker's political view is relevant to the position. Therefore when creating an opportunity, exclude a particular political direction.



When posting an opportunity on JOOB, you should not describe which gender you want. It is politically incorrect and immoral. JOOB provides the best candidates for the opportunity, who meets the requirements in qualification, experience, and motivation-wise.



The opportunity, should and will not, be accepted if it includes violence or illegal activity. The opportunity will be removed from JOOB permanently if it is included.


Poor language
Not easy to read

When posting an ad for an opportunity on JOOB, you should pay attention to how your language is. The ad should be easy to read and grammatically correct.


Not writing a relevant description

The ad description should be well written and thought, furthermore relevant for the opportunity. Including too much unnecessary information will only deter the applicants, businesses, or individuals, from applying.



The religious orientation of an individual, should not be relevant to the opportunity. Therefore religious preferences should not be included in the ad.


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