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Individual Opportunity Seeker

All about an Individual Opportunity Seeker

As an Individual Opportunity Seeker, you are the one searching for an opportunity for an individual. Please note that you will remain anonymous until JOOB forwards your profile to suitable Opportunity Providers. JOOB suggests you complete your JOOB profile to ensure the best opportunities that suit you.

Using the search filters, you can quickly narrow down the Opportunities' results. Below are the quick filters provided by JOOB to help you in finding the best matches:

	Businessman walking through a door, symbolize several opportunities as jobs.

Keyword Search

A Keyword search looks for words in JOOB’s opportunity Database. It shows you all relevant opportunity listings matching a keyword you have entered in the search box. 

I. Opportunity for Individuals

You can select “Individual” from the drop-down as you search for active individual opportunities.


II. Geographical Location

You can search for opportunities based on your preferable geographical location like Country, Continent, State/Province, and City. E.g. If you type in “Denmark” in your country and press "search", it gives you all the active opportunities present in Denmark. To narrow it down the search, use Provice and, or, city.


III. Industry

You can add specific industries from the dropdown list, for example, Advertising, Banking & Finance, Construction, and many more. If you are looking for an opportunity in the “Banking” industry select “Banking” from the dropdown, it will show all active opportunities from the banking industry.


IV. Industry Area

You can add specific areas from Industry you have chosen in previous filters based on your experience and interest e.g. Accountant, Advisor, Banker, etc. If there is a demand for a certain role, you have the option to use the drop-list, where you can filter the search, that is desired.


V. Workgroup

You can filter, Full Time, Part Time, Contractual, Internship, Freelance, and hour per week workgroups based on your requirement.


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