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How to get Motis & how to use them?

When joining a JOOB subscription, you will automatically get Motis. Depending on which subscription package, you will get a certain amount of Motis. Otherwise, you can buy more Motis at the auction, depending on the subscription package. The Motivation Capital Concept of JOOB, has two subscription types you can choose;

  1. One without additional Motis
  2. One with full additional Motis.

If you choose a subscription without additional Motis you can buy the maximum number of Motis at any time from your Dashboard in the section: Buy/Sell Motis.

	How to get Motis & How to use them?
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When applying for an opportunity, place your Motis to show your level of motivation.

Also, you will have to be very diligent as to how many Motis you place.

JOOB refers to: "How do I best spend my Motis".

For further information, contact [email protected]

	How to get Motis?
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How to get Motis?

Individual Seekers and Business Seekers only

  • The subscription will include 30 Motis for each month of subscription
  • Buy an additional 30 Motis (not bought from the beginning of the subscription)
  • Bid for Motis on Motis Auction
  • Earn 15 Motis by referring a new subscriber (needs to become a JOOB subscriber)
  • Special Motis by courtesy of JOOB.



How do I spend my Motis best?

The use of Motis is the one single area where you as an Opportunity Seeker can change the "game"


You cannot change your qualifications, years of experience, or the number of customers you have, but you can change your degree of motivation. This is what using Motis is all about Accordingly, you should spend your Motis wisely as Motis are hard to get, How to get Motis Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet. It depends. Below is some advice for you

	How do I spend my Motis best? 
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  • 1
    If you don't hold the qualifications wanted in the Opportunity Ad, JOOB suggests that you keep your Motis and don't apply
  • 2
    Build as strong a Motivation Capital balance as you possibly can where the old expression still goes: "The Early Bird Gets the Worm"
  • 3
    If you are waiting for the right opportunity and it comes, you should spend all of your Motis on this single Opportunity. Well, know that you could fail and lose your entire Motivation Capital balance.
  • 4
    The higher the Motivation Barometer is, in favor of Motivation, the better you spend your Motis and vice versa.
  • 5
    Be patient and choose wisely.
  • 6
    Even though you think you don't have to build your Motivation Capital balance — JOOB advises you to build your Motivation Capital balance.

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